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The wine-growing and producing company

In Perno di Monforte d'Alba, in the heart of the Langa of Barolo hills,
a family runs a small business with passion.

Since 1876, through five generations, we have been producing traditional high quality wines.

A history, a family, a passion: wine producers since 1876
For five generations our family, who has always been dedicated to wine-growing, has lived on this hill passionately cultivating our land. We dedicate all of our time and attention to our vineyards, knowing that a good wine is born at the vine. The particular micro-climate and the ideal land composition allow us to have a excellent grape, which is harvested at the reaching of a perfect maturity level, and selected with care for our quality wines, which we produce according to tradition, with techniques handed down from father to son, particularly Barolo, our crowning glory.





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